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I worked in the clothing industry for many years. I’ve noticed that sewing and making clothes is becoming more and more popular!

Considering that consumption in the world has risen sharply and the quality of clothing is very poor, I have realized that I can help anyone who wants quality and unique clothing. And at the same time. to contribute to sustainable fashion and reduce consumption.

So who am I and what do I do?

I am Aušrinė Bareikytė, known to many as clothing designer. I have been working in the fashion business for many years and have accumulated a considerable amount of knowledge. 💼 I know the peculiarities of body lines, the adaptation of clothing to each type of figure, the composition of fabrics, quality, the secrets of sewing, and the subtleties of production and much more. I believe that the information I spread will be understood by every mortal.

​If YOU have the slightest desire and vision to create - don't stop me to help YOU! I will constantly create new clothes and drawings and share useful information with you.

If you want to know even more, find me on your Instagram account -🧸


Let's be friends. See you.

♥ ️

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My services:


Fashion business consulting


Pattern making courses

pattern making

Pattern making


Business book
for manufacturing

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