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I purchased the pattern, where can I find it?

Once you purchase the pattern, you’ll receive an email with the order confirmation and link to download ZIP file.  If you can’t fing the email, try to check your spam box. 

I used a wrong email on my purchase, what do I do?

Take a deep breath and simply message us with your name and email address you used on your purchase. so we can pull out the order information! Then, we can send you the files to your new email address provided by you.

Which size should I choose?

For most of our patterns, we suggest going for your standard size. We created a Size Guide for you to check your size.

My pattern print out has borders, what do I do?

First of all, make sure that you are printing in 100% scale = actual size and on borderless setting (remember that this option might be called something else on your printer). We advise to try and print one page first to check if a print out is correct before printing the whole pattern. We created a video tutorial on how to print and assemble our pattern which you can find here.

My printer doesn't support borderless printing, what do I do?

Unfortunately, our A4 and Letter Size sewing patterns must be printed in the borderless setting. Perhaps you could ask one of your friends to print a pattern for you? Alternatively, there are many online printing websites that could print the pattern for you. Then you can print A0 size pattern.

I don't have a printer - can I still buy your pattern?

Of course! That’s why all of our patterns include A0 size. You can print a pattern from your local or online print shop.

Does you make custom sewing patterns?

Yes, you can write to me

Does your patterns include seam allowance?

Yes, to simplify our patterns all them included seams

If you have any more questions just email us at

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