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How to choose sewing machine?

Choosing a sewing machine can be a headache as there is a broad variety of brands and a price range differs from cheap to expensive.

🔮It might feel like you go into the dark woods here.

👉🏼But don't worry, I got your back! Here are the main characteristics that might come in hand when choosing the right one for yourself.

📍You should take a good look at these:

📌Automatic Buttonholer - to sew a buttonhole in one step.

📌Feed-Dog Adjustment - for free-style embroidery or darning.

📌Good Ergonomics and Controls - to be responsive to pressure on the foot pedal.

📌Lightweight - if you are storing in your closet or think of other place to sew.

📌Needle Position - allows you to move the needle, stitching line and to have the needle up or down when you stop.

📌Needle Threader - pulls the thread through the eye of the needle

📌Presser Feet - egulates how tightly the machine holds the fabric while you sew.

📌Power Switch - a safety feature if you have kids.

📌Speed Control - to sew at a nice, steady tempo rather than stopping and starting.

📌Stitches - check for maximum stitch length and width.

📌Tension Adjustment- for changing how tight the thread is.

📌Top-Load Bobbin - allow you to simply slide open a panel and drop the bobbin in.


🙏🏼What is the most important thing in sewing machine for you?

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